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Regulatory Rules


Statutes, or state laws, give the Arizona Lottery Commission and the Executive Director authority to operate a state lottery. The Arizona State Lottery Statutes can be found in the Arizona Revised Statutes at Title 5, Chapter 5.1.


Rules are the framework by which the Arizona Lottery actually accomplishes what has been authorized by the Arizona Legislature. The Arizona State Lottery Rules can be found in the Arizona Administrative Code at Title 19, Chapter 3.

Substantive Policy Listing

Substantive policy statements inform the public of Arizona Lottery’s current approach to statute or rule requirements that affect Arizona Lottery Retailers, players, or the general public. Substantive policy statements are advisory only and do not impose additional requirements on retailers or players.

Current Arizona State Lottery substantive policies include:

Regulatory Agenda

The Arizona Lottery provides the following list of rule-makings intended for the calendar year via our Regulatory Agenda. However, statute does permit the Lottery to undertake a rule-making even if the rule-making is not included on this annual regulatory agenda.

Small Business Regulatory Bill of Rights

Arizona law requires state agencies to create and post a Small Business Bill of Rights on their website that details the rights a person has to ensure fair and open regulation by state agencies including licensing decisions, participation in rule-making, and disclosures that must be provided in writing to a business on initiation of an audit or inspection.