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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Tickets

Can I buy Arizona Lottery tickets by phone, mail, or on the Internet?

No. You can only purchase Arizona Lottery tickets from authorized retailers. The Arizona Lottery does not sell tickets over the phone, by mail, or on the Internet. Find a retailer near you to purchase a ticket.

What is the legal age to purchase and redeem Arizona Lottery tickets?

You must be 21 years, or older, to purchase or redeem tickets.

What lottery retailers are closest to neighboring states?

Use our Locator to find an Arizona Lottery retailer near you.


Security and Protection

How can I protect myself against lottery scams?

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the Arizona Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, or any other institution, be on your guard. If you receive suspicious materials, telephone calls, or emails, or if you are ever in doubt about information that supposedly came from a legitimate Lottery, you can contact the Arizona Lottery Investigations Unit. Learn more about our player security.



What type of drawing system does the Arizona Lottery use?

For The Pick, Fantasy 5, Triple Twist, and Pick 3, the Arizona Lottery uses a Digital Drawing System from Smartplay Origin® RNG Systems. The three machines are audited and certified through Smartplay International, Inc., as well as the Arizona Lottery and a third party, KPMG.

Quick Draw Game (One to Win and 5/10/45) drawings are conducted by an Automated Drawing Machine on Scientific Games’ central-gaming system.

Where are the drawings held?

All in-state Arizona Lottery Draw Game (The Pick, Fantasy 5, Triple Twist, and Pick 3) drawings are conducted at the Arizona Lottery Phoenix Office. 

All Arizona Lottery Quick Draw drawings are conducted by Scientific Games’ central-gaming system.

The Multi-State Lottery Association conducts the Powerball drawing in Tallahassee, Florida and the Mega Millions drawing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where do I go to enter the Second Chance drawings?

You can enter Second Chance promotions by clicking on Player Rewards or by going to azplayersclub.com, where you will be able to see all available promotions.


Winning Numbers

What phone number do I call to hear the winning numbers?

If you live in area codes 480, 602, 623, or 520, use the local hotline numbers:

  • Phoenix: 480- 829-7425
  • Tucson: 520- 325-9141

For callers outside of the metro areas, call 1-800-499-3798.

Where can I find past winning numbers for Draw Games and Quick Draw Games?

You can view past winning numbers on one of the game pages: Powerball, Mega Millions, The Pick, Fantasy 5, Pick 3, Triple Twist, One To Win, and 5/10/45.

When are the winning numbers updated on the website?

Draw Game winning numbers are updated every night there is a drawing. If the numbers that are posted appear to be outdated, the website may be experiencing technical difficulties. If you are not seeing the current numbers, contact us

Quick Draw drawings and winning numbers can be viewed shortly after the drawing occurs on Players Club and ArizonaLottery.com.

Why does it take so long for Draw Game winning numbers to be posted on your website?

The drawing does not take place immediately after the sale of tickets for a particular drawing stops. First, each individual ticket must be read into the lottery's system and verified as a valid ticket. We do not conduct a drawing unless every ticket is logged correctly in our system. After the winning numbers are drawn, they are entered into our internal system, and then each winning ticket must be identified so that winners can claim their prizes as soon as possible. Once everything is verified, the winning information is sent to the website.


Redeeming Prizes

What do I do if I win?

All Arizona Lottery retailers will redeem prizes up to $100 and may redeem prizes up to $599.

Prizes of $600 or more must be claimed at an Arizona Lottery Office. You can also claim tickets by completing a claim form and mailing them to our office. For complete details on claiming your prize, see our Winner Brochure. 

Download an Arizona Lottery Winners Claim Form (available in English or Spanish).

How long do I have to claim/redeem a winning ticket?

Draw game tickets expire 180 days from the date of the draw. Fast Play game tickets expire 180 days from the purchase date. Once a ticket has expired, it cannot be redeemed. Scratchers tickets expire 180 days from the game-ending date. View the Scratchers game-ending dates. 

What happens if I lose or destroy a winning ticket?

Losing a lottery ticket is like losing cash. Protect yourself by signing the back of your ticket, filling in your address and keeping it safe. Unless signed, anyone of legal age, who has the ticket, can redeem it. The Arizona Lottery is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets.

How can I collect my winnings if I live in another state?
You can send in your tickets to redeem them. To redeem your tickets, please read the Winner Brochure. Information regarding collecting your winnings can also be found on the back of the ticket.


About Prizes

Where can I find the payouts for each game?

Payouts can be found on each individual game page.

What is the difference between cash and annuity?

The Arizona Lottery is often asked whether players should choose cash or annuity. We can only
suggest that financial issues be discussed with a lawyer, CPA, or financial planner.

A jackpot winner has 60 days from the claim date (the date the ticket is presented for validation) in which to can choose either the cash or an annuity.

  • Cash – If the winner chooses cash, the Lottery will issue a check when the ticket is validated. The cash value is approximately one-half the advertised value of the jackpot and is given to the winner in one lump sum.
  • Annuity – The winner who selects an annuity is paid a lump sum and then 29 annual graduated payments for Mega Millions, Powerball, and The Pick.

What happens if an annuity winner dies before the last payment?

You can, and should, name a beneficiary when you claim your jackpot prize. The prize is the winner's property and is considered part of the winner's estate. If a beneficiary is not designated, the prize will remain part of the winner's estate.

If I win the jackpot, can I remain anonymous?

The names of persons or legally formed entities that are paid lottery prizes or winnings of $600 or more are held confidential for 90 days from the date the prize is awarded and are not a public record during that period. In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) §5-573(D), winners of $100,000 or greater may elect to keep their name permanently confidential. Information regarding the prize winner's city and county of residence is not confidential.

A prize winner may voluntarily consent to the disclosure of their name. Can a blind trust collect winnings?

The Arizona Lottery will not accept a blind trust as Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-5-575 requires the Lottery to ensure that any Lottery winner does not owe the state a debt, which must be set off against the Lottery prize.

I thought that I had won playing Extra!, but the retailer told me I hadn't. Why?

EXTRA! is an instant game that you can win before the drawing even occurs. You must match your EXTRA! numbers to the numbers you selected for The Pick or Fantasy 5 drawing instead of the numbers that came up for the drawing.

What happens when a prize is not claimed?

Use of unclaimed prizes is specifically defined in Arizona revised statutes. Most of the funds are added back into the Arizona Lottery’s prize fund to create more winning opportunities for players! Additionally, a portion of unclaimed prizes supports our legislatively mandated beneficiaries:

  • The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program through the Arizona Supreme court receives 30 percent of unclaimed prizes. The program recruits and  trains judicially appointed volunteers to speak for abused and neglected children in court proceedings.
  • The Tribal College Dual Enrollment Fund administered through the Arizona Department of Education receives up to $325,000 from unclaimed prizes. The educational program gives Native American students in Arizona the opportunity to take a college course for both high school and college credit.

Unclaimed prizes also serve as a secondary funding source for two beneficiaries that are funded through the Lottery’s instant tab product line. 

  • The Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children (AZICAC) Task Force receives up to $900,000 for training and equipment. The task force is tasked with locating, prosecuting, and imprisoning people who intentionally exploit children. 
  • The Victims’ Rights Enforcement Fund receives up to $100,000 to protect the rights of crime victims in criminal cases and provides social services to them as needed.



Who do I contact for problems with Second Chance drawings?

Use the Feedback Page on AZPlayersClub.com to report any issues or to ask questions regarding Second Chance drawings.

Why does my Scratchers ticket no longer have a 3-letter code?

In the beginning, the 3-letter validation codes on Scratchers tickets were put in place for retailers, in the event that their systems went down, to validate a ticket in order to pay a player. Today, all ticket validations are required to go through our system using the new terminals. The validation codes were also removed to increase player security. Instead, barcodes are now printed on every ticket. You can reveal the barcode at the bottom of your Scratchers ticket by scratching it, then check if it is a winning ticket at any lottery retailer near you. 

If Scratchers game odds are 1 in 4, why don't I win when I buy 4 tickets in a row?

When the tickets are printed, the winning tickets are randomly distributed among all available tickets. For example, the fact that overall odds of a Scratchers game are 1 in 4 does not guarantee every fourth ticket will be a winner. The odds are based on the number of winning tickets out of the total number of tickets printed. It is therefore possible that sequential winning or non-winning tickets could occur. The odds on the back of the ticket are overall odds of the game and not the odds per pack of tickets.

How long does it take for The Pick jackpot to get above $1 million?

The starting jackpot of The Pick is $1 million. The Lottery increases The Pick's advertised jackpot prize amount in increments of $100,000 based upon sales generated for the jackpot prize pool. The jackpot is directly correlated with the sales of the game, so the jackpot may or may not roll after every drawing.