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Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars from Arizona Lottery ticket sales go to programs and organizations doing good in four key areas: higher education, health and human services, environmental conservation, and economic and business development. In total, state law requires that the Arizona Lottery fund 17 vital programs in our community.

Higher Education Beneficiaries

Total Amount Given: $38,105,180

University Bond

Amount Received: $37,780,180

By state law, this fund may receive, from the sale of Lottery products, up to 80% of the total annual lease-to-own and bond agreements entered into by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Tribal College Dual Enrollment Fund

Amount Received: $325,000

This Arizona Department of Education program gives thousands of Arizona’s Native American high school students the opportunity to take a college course for both high school and college credit with waived tuition and fees

Health & Human Services Beneficiaries

Total Amount Given: $30,939,335

Healthy Families Arizona

Amount Received: $6,629,259

Healthy Families works with pregnant women or families of newborns under the age of 3 months living with risk factors, such as: mental health issues, domestic violence, drug abuse, bonding and attachment issues.

Healthy AZ (AHEC)

Amount Received: $5,298,898

AHEC focuses on developing statewide professional healthcare education programs, focused on primary care and access in rural and underserved communities, improving the supply, quality, diversity and distribution of the healthcare professionals.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) 

Amount Received: $6,090,835

By state law, this Arizona Supreme Court program receives 30% of unclaimed prize money to train and certify volunteers to advocate for foster children in the court system to help each child find a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention 

Amount Received: $3,968,536

The Abstinence Education Program focuses on school children to reduce the number of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and births by implementing "talking to your child" programs and involving the community to promote and support abstinence.

Health Start 

Amount Received: $2,660,723

Health Start Program community health workers provide education, support, and advocacy services to pregnant and postpartum women, and their families, in targeted communities across Arizona.

Arizona Biomedical Research Centre

Amount Received: $2,660,723

The Arizona Biomedical Research Centre is committed to funding clinical research that helps us understand diseases better and work towards finding treatments and cures.

Arizona Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Amount Received: $1,330,362

WIC uses these Lottery dollars to provide nutrition education and breastfeeding support services, food and referrals to health and social services to pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women and nutritionally at-risk children from birth to under the age of five.

Homeless/Transitional Services

Amount Received: $1,000,000

By state law, this program gets up to $1 million annually from the Lottery to provide grants to non-profit organizations for homeless emergency programs, transitional shelters and support services.

Internet Crimes Against Children Enforcement Fund 

Amount Received: $900,000

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office uses these Lottery dollars to fund the federally recognized Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program, coordinating the efforts of Federal, State, Local and Tribal Law Enforcers to investigate and prosecute those who sexually exploit minors online.

Division of Problem Gambling

Amount Received: $300,000

Arizona Lottery funding provides effective statewide problem gambling prevention, treatment, and education programs.

Victims’ Rights Program

Amount Received: $100,000

The Department of Public Safety’s Victims’ Rights Program uses Arizona Lottery dollars to fund nonprofit organizations that provide free legal and social services to crime victims.

Economic Development Beneficiaries

Total Amount Given: $14,660,000

Local Transportation Assistance Fund II (Mass Transit)

Amount Received: $11,160,000

Up to $23 million per year from the Arizona Lottery goes to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), along with monies from and the Vehicle License Tax (VLT), to help counties, cities and towns maintain and improve their public transportation programs.

Arizona Competes Fund

Amount Received: $3,500,000

The Arizona Lottery provides $3.5 million to the Arizona Competes Fund for grants to attract, expand or retain Arizona’s core enterprises. These funds also support and advance programs for rural and small businesses and overall economic development.

Environmental Conservation Beneficiaries

Total Amount Given: $10,000,000

Heritage Fund (Game and Fish)

Amount Received: $10,000,000

Up to $10 million annually from the Arizona Lottery goes to the Department of Game and Fish to pay for public access, environmental education, schoolyard habitats and the protection and management of urban wildlife.

State of Arizona General Fund Beneficiary

Amount Received: $175,811,972


Transfer Figures for individual Beneficiaries have been rounded to the nearest thousand.